Sunday, 24 April 2011


... As I walked along the beach with Jay I couldn't help but notice the strong smell of his after shave over powering the scent of the ocean air.  I remembered how only a few months back the scent would drive me wild, now all I wanted to do was throw up, it reminded me of betrayal and heart break.

I had a million and one questions for him; maybe this was why I was being so calm.

I needed closure.

'Babe, I'm so happy we're back together, I was a dick, that girl meant nothing to me, I was just interested in a job with her Dad, you know, he is the top dog of that Company I have been trying to get into, you know, Essex Electricity? give me a kiss babe.'

I looked at him in horror, 'Jay, we are not BACK TOGETHER,'

'Then why are you walking with me? You know you want me back, I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you, not like you've had anyone since you see me and Angelina that night,'

Omg, he defo got it right when he called himself a dick, he however got the 'I was' wrong, because he STILL WAS.

'Jay, what the hell? you spring upon me on MY girls holiday, I don't care if this Angelina or whatever her name is was Alan Sugars daughter, you cheated on me, you left me heartbroken, YOU LEFT ME, and no, I haven't been with anyone since you, but even if I had been with someone it wouldn't be any of your business!'

Jay looked at me and shook his head, 'Your loss babe, you know, we could of been good,'

The anger bubbled up inside me...

 'you know, you know, you know'

I could see how thick he was, I was seeing him in a different light completely, I wasn't heartbroken, I was relieved!

'Do me a favour and leave me alone, I want to enjoy the rest of my holiday without your dopey mug,'

For the first time I see Jay look slightly hurt...  I felt bad, but then I reminded myself what a dick he was. He walked away, and just like that all the pain and emotion I'd been carrying melted away, I was over him and it felt so bloody good!

As soon as Jay was out of site I headed back to the hotel, Amy and Jadeann seemed to be getting on a bit better, they both looked at me as I came in, Jadeann looked hopeful whilst Amy looked pissed.

'We're over, and that's for sure,' I said with a smile that neither of them expected.

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