Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Less drama, more me!


I am so sorry that I haven't blogged for so long... I got back from Egypt which turned out to be an alright holiday after all the drama!

Jadeann finally admitted that Jay was an arse and that she shouldn't let our relationship ending get in the way of our friendship.

So now that's all sorted I feel a million times better, losing a friend hurts so much more than losing a boyfriend, you don't realise until it happens, but I am so happy it's sorted!

I haven't really gone into detail about my home life on this blog, so I may as well try and get you to understand my complicated family a bit now, as it will help explain why I am so busy and unable to blog!

 I live with my little sister Teegan and my Dad.  I do see my Mum but not much, I am sure I'll go into detail about that in the future as it needs a blog in its self!

I love my Dad loads and he has brought me and Tee up all by himself, he is the bravest man I know and always puts us first, however... I am 21 now and I did really, really want to move out.  I spoke to Tee about it, she just cried and said I couldn't leave her and Dad, I then realised that my Dad sacrafised so much for us when we were growing up and I owe it to him to look after him now I am in the position to.

I am so busy with work at the mo.  I am saving up to get my Dad's garage refurbished so he can use it for his work space, Tee is doing her paper round as well (bless her) but yes this is why I am major busy and don't have the time to blog as much!

To  be honest I couldn't explain his line of work to you, he sort of makes things out of nothing, very clever man, a carpenter with a difference! his workshop space is actually being knocked down soon to build flats so that is why we are trying to convert the garage! - Once we've saved up enough for the material my Dad will build it all so that saves on the labouring! - It is times like this I wish I was still with Jay as we haven't got any electric in the garage... Still, there's more than one electrician in Essex! (Preferably not Tangerine Queens Dad though!!)

I will try catch up soon, I'm sorry I've neglected you for so long!!!!!

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