Thursday, 24 March 2011

A few weeks on...


I haven't blogged for a few days; I needed time to get my head around everything.  It has taken longer than I would have wanted but I think I'm getting there!

I totally told myself I was not allowed to think about him, and my God it's hard work but I am defo, defo getting there!

Teegan has been such a shoulder these last few weeks, bless her, I can't wait until she's old enough to date boys, I am going to make sure she doesn't get messed around by idiots like JAY ARCHER!

So I was at work yesterday, painting Mrs Fraziers nails, I always hate doing her nails she twitches like she’s got piles (it wouldn't surprise me if she did) I am so happy I haven't had the pleasure of giving her a Brazilian...  before I get carried away in a bitch fest lets go back to yesterday, I was painting Mrs F's nails trying to keep it as neat as possible, when I heard the salon door swing open with a great big thud, I looked round to see what the commotion was all about as did Mrs Frazier knocking over the acetone.  Well done! Mrs F, all over me, why punching clients is not legal I don't know... but looking like i'd wet myself was the least of my worries, the commotion was effin' Tangerine Queen.

'So I haven't got an appointment but my boyfriend told me this is the place to come if you want cheap, average service, he said it wasn't the best place but it's a recession and like, I can't afford the best, I'm sure you can scrub me up ok while the pennies are tight, so who is going to treat me, I need an emergency manicure, I ain't got all day!'

Dumbstruck I sat there, was she for real? Becky (the other Salon Therapist) ran over to her and told her to take a seat, Tangerine Queen looked over at me, 'Babe you might want to clean that up, looks like you've pissed yourself ha ha, bless,' she rolled her eyes then looked back at Becky and mumbled quite loudly, 'I hope you're more professional than her!'

I could feel myself shaking, I couldn't tell if it was anger or just because I'd blocked her and Jay out of so long, I don't know how I did it but I got up, cleaned the acetone and carried on with Mrs F's manicure, Mrs F leaned in to me 'If it makes you feel better I think you're much better than Becky, she told me she couldn't give me a bikini wax last month due to medical reasons after I filled out the before treatment sheet, now that's unprofessional, she is not a doctor!' I smiled, even though every emotion inside me was fighting against it, 'Thank you mrs Fraizer'.

I'm quite proud of myself really; I don't think I could have reacted so calmly if it would have happened earlier on this month.  Does life get any better? Because I’m not feeling it right now...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Deep breaths!

I fixed my phone it's a little bit dented but works; Not even a missed call from Jay, what a waste of a year.  When I broke up with my last boyfriend I mopped around for days, not this time! Good riddence to bad rubbish I say.

Feeling pretty crappy with myself but what ever. Just going to look forward to Egypt with my girl friends now, he would of bugged me the whole time I was there anyway, texting me and running up my bill!

Funny how I was so wound up yesterday and yet feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders today? who was I kidding, engaged at 21! I have my whole life ahead of me!

Just logged in to facebook.  Looks like the douche has changed his status to it's complicated. LAUGH OUT LOUD, Complicated, how about OVER?!!!!! - you cheating bastard! unless he means complicated with Tangerine Queen, she must of left half her orange face on his precious bed sheets or something...

Think this is going to take some time.......

Tangerine queen I hate you!

I did something really stupid last night.
Not only did I find out vodka and Mc nuggets don't mix, I drove to The Bluebell with Amy... I see Jay there with some tango faced fake bitch, in the same effin' seats we sat in Valentine's day 2010.
How dare he? I have never felt humiliation like it; my heart was actually in my throat.  I’d like to say I was really cool about it, but no, I went in there and asked how his stupid man flu was.  Not even sure how I got in and to his table, stupid idiot nearly choked on his Pumpkin Chorizo Risotto, absolute loser! ‘It’s not what it looks like babe, she’s a client,’
Jay’s an effin’ electrician, client my arse!
She just sat there like the fat gormless tangerine queen she looked and then after about 10 minutes of him babbling his ‘it’s not what it looks like’ shit, she effin’ stood up and asked him to call her?! 'CALL ME!' Why I didn’t rip her hair out there and then I don’t know.
So barred from Bluebell’s as well now, who actually gets barred from there?
Words cannot describe what I feel like, my stupid white dress is covered in black mascara and I’ve smashed up my special edition phone, I have work later as well... my life is a joke! I thought he loved me, I was talking to Amy and my little sister Teegan about bridesmaid dresses only last week! I don't get it he bought me Sophie for Christmas? if that's not showing commitment what is?
and as for tangerine queen what the hell? she is nothing on me, sure I ain't the prettiest girl in the world but she looked so ORANGE, yes I fake bake but not 10 times over all at once, how could she go with my man and be so calm about it, if I EVER see her! 'Call me' BITCH!!!!!!
Amy just kept saying he's a waster and I'd find someone new soon enough, I don't want someone new I want Jay!
Feel like such a mug right now, screw work later, I'm phoning in sick, Mrs Harris can have someone else give her a stupid bikini wax... and I've just realised I have no phone so I can't call in sick.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So confused...

So I rang Jay and asked him what he was doing tonight as the anticipation was killing me...

I wish I hadn't now because he was really off with me and said he wasn't feeling all that.  I asked if he wanted me to come over and he said he didn't want me to catch anything so to go out with my best friend Amy instead of worrying about him.

Should I just go round?

Omg I have spent all day looking forward to tonight, that'll teach me to go snooping down his phone.  I wonder if he has cancelled dinner at The Bluebell? prosponed the proposal? He would have planned this for so long, man flu or not it's not hard to take some lemsip!

I spoke to Amy she's coming round in a bit, I don't get what's going on and I feel like kicking myself for getting all carried away in my head thinking tonight was going to be the night.  I effin' fakebaked for it! Still I can't be mad if he is ill right? but then I think LEMSIP!

Oh, something doesn't seem right... Anyway Amy is outside, just tooted me, her car is amazing all pink inside and smells of those Chinese flowers that look like rubber!

Lets hope Amy can make me feel better, she'll probably take me McDonald's... good old McDonald's = and extra 2 spin classes hmm  thoseQuarter pounders are totally worth it though.

I'm all ready and have hours to go!


I am all ready for Jay's proposal meal!

Got my fakebake done as well as my eyelash extensions! Going to look fab with my bride inspired outfit tonight.

I would recommend my Beauty therapist to anyone! check her out on facebook, Hayley Fakebake!

Got a wicked set of OPI Axxium soak-off gels done too! LOVE them, will have to add pics next time as I am going to do my hair got to look fab for tonight.

bit worried Jay hasn't text me about tonight yet, he's cutting it a bit fine! Boys will be boys!

Love Gabby Dean soon to be Mrs Gabby Archer xxxxx

Tonight is the night!

Today is the first time in a long while I have woke up in a great mood. I hate mornings. but I'm super happy because tonights the night, my boyfriend, Jay is going to propose to me! he has booked a table for two at The Bluebell in Chigwell tonight, how romantic! not quite Eiffell tower but as long as he wants me forever who cares where?

I only know that he booked the restaurant because I looked at his phone, shh! I am so excited, it has to be tonight right? he hasn't told me about it yet but I guess that's all part of the romance! He knows I like to look great as well so it's lucky I am secretly planning ahead!

My outfit is ready, I've picked white just like a bride, how dramatic! it's a long flowwy dress I got from Topshop, I think I see Cheryl Cole in one last week in New magazine.

I think its perfect, now all I need is a fakebake and my false eyelashes topped up, that way when my eyes all well up form tears of happiness they'll sparkle more, nice little contrast against the darkness of my lashes, here goes the rest of the best of my life! can't wait to upload a picture of the ring, I know it is going to be totally amazing Jay has a good eye for things like this! oh I am such a lucky, lucky girl!

wish me luck!