Thursday, 3 March 2011

Deep breaths!

I fixed my phone it's a little bit dented but works; Not even a missed call from Jay, what a waste of a year.  When I broke up with my last boyfriend I mopped around for days, not this time! Good riddence to bad rubbish I say.

Feeling pretty crappy with myself but what ever. Just going to look forward to Egypt with my girl friends now, he would of bugged me the whole time I was there anyway, texting me and running up my bill!

Funny how I was so wound up yesterday and yet feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders today? who was I kidding, engaged at 21! I have my whole life ahead of me!

Just logged in to facebook.  Looks like the douche has changed his status to it's complicated. LAUGH OUT LOUD, Complicated, how about OVER?!!!!! - you cheating bastard! unless he means complicated with Tangerine Queen, she must of left half her orange face on his precious bed sheets or something...

Think this is going to take some time.......

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