Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So confused...

So I rang Jay and asked him what he was doing tonight as the anticipation was killing me...

I wish I hadn't now because he was really off with me and said he wasn't feeling all that.  I asked if he wanted me to come over and he said he didn't want me to catch anything so to go out with my best friend Amy instead of worrying about him.

Should I just go round?

Omg I have spent all day looking forward to tonight, that'll teach me to go snooping down his phone.  I wonder if he has cancelled dinner at The Bluebell? prosponed the proposal? He would have planned this for so long, man flu or not it's not hard to take some lemsip!

I spoke to Amy she's coming round in a bit, I don't get what's going on and I feel like kicking myself for getting all carried away in my head thinking tonight was going to be the night.  I effin' fakebaked for it! Still I can't be mad if he is ill right? but then I think LEMSIP!

Oh, something doesn't seem right... Anyway Amy is outside, just tooted me, her car is amazing all pink inside and smells of those Chinese flowers that look like rubber!

Lets hope Amy can make me feel better, she'll probably take me McDonald's... good old McDonald's = and extra 2 spin classes hmm  thoseQuarter pounders are totally worth it though.

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