Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tangerine queen I hate you!

I did something really stupid last night.
Not only did I find out vodka and Mc nuggets don't mix, I drove to The Bluebell with Amy... I see Jay there with some tango faced fake bitch, in the same effin' seats we sat in Valentine's day 2010.
How dare he? I have never felt humiliation like it; my heart was actually in my throat.  I’d like to say I was really cool about it, but no, I went in there and asked how his stupid man flu was.  Not even sure how I got in and to his table, stupid idiot nearly choked on his Pumpkin Chorizo Risotto, absolute loser! ‘It’s not what it looks like babe, she’s a client,’
Jay’s an effin’ electrician, client my arse!
She just sat there like the fat gormless tangerine queen she looked and then after about 10 minutes of him babbling his ‘it’s not what it looks like’ shit, she effin’ stood up and asked him to call her?! 'CALL ME!' Why I didn’t rip her hair out there and then I don’t know.
So barred from Bluebell’s as well now, who actually gets barred from there?
Words cannot describe what I feel like, my stupid white dress is covered in black mascara and I’ve smashed up my special edition phone, I have work later as well... my life is a joke! I thought he loved me, I was talking to Amy and my little sister Teegan about bridesmaid dresses only last week! I don't get it he bought me Sophie for Christmas? if that's not showing commitment what is?
and as for tangerine queen what the hell? she is nothing on me, sure I ain't the prettiest girl in the world but she looked so ORANGE, yes I fake bake but not 10 times over all at once, how could she go with my man and be so calm about it, if I EVER see her! 'Call me' BITCH!!!!!!
Amy just kept saying he's a waster and I'd find someone new soon enough, I don't want someone new I want Jay!
Feel like such a mug right now, screw work later, I'm phoning in sick, Mrs Harris can have someone else give her a stupid bikini wax... and I've just realised I have no phone so I can't call in sick.


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