Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Egypt here we come!!!

At last! my last week of work is over! it only lasted 3 days but it dragged soooo much...

Woop woop, I am going Egypt tomorrow with the wonderful Amy, Chloe and Jadeann! I am so disorganised I still haven't even packed and my flight is 5 in the morning so that leaves me  less than 12 hours to pack my case, sleep and get to the airport, really should of took today off work!

I'm a bit worried about going with Jadeann to be honest, she is Jay's cousin.  I've known her for years but it's been a little bit awkward since we broke up.  Amy hates Jay, it seems more than I do and I'm scared we'll get drunk and bitch about him which will obviously upset Jadeann, the last thing we need is an argument to break out! Chloe is ok but I don't know if she'll last the week without her precious 'Stu Stu'.  Without sounding like a total cow, I've never seen a couple so... close? it's a tad gross but what ever, she is going to have to cope without him!

So here I am letting Jay get in the way again! Me and Jadeann where friends way before him so I am not going to let it get in the way!

So now I'm left to decide what bikini's to pack...  I am going to take 3 pairs, normally I'd take 7 but I just couldn't afford it this year, here are the ones I have picked, all fresh from LaSenza :) ...

If only I looked as good as her in them!

I haven't even picked what sunglasses or beach bag yet...

I guess you'll be wanting to see some pics of the hotel we're staying at. I will have to load some from the internet as I haven't been before!

Are you jealous :P ?

Anyway less blogging more packing! I promise I will use the hotel's wifi and let you know what's going on the moment I get sunburnt!

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