Thursday, 9 June 2011

New friends

So I met the other beauticians last night, they seem lovely, they are called Keira, Lexi, Rosaleigh and Harry.  YES Harry is a boy!

I think it's great we have a male member in our team, he's 18 and this is his first full time salon based job.  Keira is the same age as me and Lexi is a year older at 22, Rosaleigh is 29 but looks about 15!  I think Rosaleigh's a bit mad that I'm manager and not her because she's had more experience, I hope she doesn't think I'm treading on her toes...

Met a couple more of the crew staff last night too.  Max the entertainer and Lillie who is the head chef.  All lovely people thank god!

Max is a trained magician and he's really good, I don't know how he does those tricks! (I guess that's part of the magic though) he he

Anyway, today we are being allowed in to the treatment room and spa to check it out and sort it all out for our first day.  I still haven't met the spa manager yet.  Quite scared as everyone seems ok so far... Has to be one bad apple...

Better go, didn't realise the time!

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