Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ahoy captain

I am on the ship!

I haven't actually done any work yet, we are supposed to just get settled in to our rooms for this week.

My room is AMAZING!

It is hardly a room and more like an apartment! :) Great big double bed, comfy sofa, small but cute kitchen and the most fantastic shower ever, it's HUGE! I'm in heaven!

I don't think I even mentioned that I was bringing Sophie with me? I was so happy when they said it would be ok as long as she stayed in my room.  They even bought her a little rabbit hutch well more like a castle hehe! LOVE IT!

I am on email for now, but they did mention wifi only works when we are in the ports... eek!!!!

I miss everyone already :(

anyway I'm off out to a staff lunch now to meet everyone, wish me luck! I hope they like me...

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