Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bon Voyage!


Sorry again, I could have documented this time of my life a little bit more at this point in time as it would of made great reading but a few days isn't much to move out and leave!

Telling my Dad was one of the scariest things I have ever done but he was so cool about it and said he was so proud! Teegan was great about it to and told me to follow my dreams but avoid all men! hehe, Becky didn't take it very well at all.  Said by law I had to give her 1 months notice, which is a load of crap, it's just being considerate not law, and if I could have I would have...

but yes! I set off this evening, Jay found out, I'm guessing through Jadeann he text me saying good luck, which I guess was nice, by his standards anyway!

I'm just off out for an early dinner with Amy, Chloe, Jadeann my dad and Teegan to say a proper good bye :(

Weather is FABULOUS at the mo and I decided on this little number!

I got this pic off of the website, the colour in person is so much brighter, as soon as I unpack my camera I will show you it properly.  It's from New Look! love it!

Hope  you're all ok!